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Motorcycles! Fun to ride, economical and cheaper than a car to insure! What's to know about motorcycle insurance? Plenty. Most states require a motorcycle to be insured, but very few tell you what coverages to buy- they only tell you what the minimum levels are for motorcycle insurance. This is where companies specializing in motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and custom bikes is needed. Not to mention ATV's and snowmobiles. Always ask for clarification if you don't understand the insurance lingo or, should there be an accident, you could be SOL. Professionals are ready to assist you. To get started requesting rate quotes, use the box to the right.

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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in many states and in those where it isn't, given the cost, you'd be hard pressed to give a real reason that you shouldn't carry it. Is there a place you are more at risk for real bodily harm than on a motorcycle where other drivers don't hit your bumper, they hit your leg?! Or your head hits the road? Forget rock paper scissors.... On a motorcycle, it's metal/concrete and guess which wins? Yet, even with so much at risk, the premiums on a motorcycle policy are downright cheap in most of the country. When comparing policies, be sure to ask your agent or company which coverage's that are provided by the policy protect you. It's great to have liability insurance to cover the other party should you be sued and lose, but what about the medical bills that you will surely incur from an accident? Who pays them? Get as much coverage as they offer to protect yourself in areas like medical payments, no-fault and/or personal injury protection. What about accidents involving another party who is uninsured? In that instance, who pays? Ahhhh, great question. This is the purpose of a coverage commonly titled Uninsured and Under-insured Motorists. Be sure to buy as much for yourself as you do when specifying the liability limits that protect other parties. You've all heard phrases like 25/50 and 100/300. These are common abbreviations for $25,000 per person in liability coverage, $50,000 per accident for all parties involved. These are not legal definitions- only the company covering you can provide these- this is simply a basic explanation and is not a substitute for legal advice or the advice of an insurance company representative. Be sure to ask!! Be sure to let your insurance professional know how you plan to that they can assess your risk and advise you how to proceed. If you are determined by a professional to be at higher then average risk for needing rehab, you want to be able to pay for it. Let your agent know that you don't wear a helmet! They call it an accident for a reason......Nobody plans on having one except the insurance experts. Heed the professionals advice; they have the statistics to back up the what ifs. What kind of bikes does this apply to? Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Touring Bikes, Scooters, Custom Bikes, Trikes and even Dirt Bikes! Harley Davidson's new and old need proper insurance. Are you insured properly?

Our favorite brands: Kawasaki (anything Ninja or ZX), Honda, Harley Davidson, Buell, BigDog, Yamaha, Jesse James and Aprilia


Have you ever seen the damage a rock kicked up by a tractor trailer will do to your mug at 70 mph? It's like being shot point blank with a 12 gauge slug. You decide. Have a look at The very general thinking is that riders who wear helmets are less likely to engage in risky behavior... PERIOD! According to statistics, riders who wear helmets are less likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries and require long term care or rehab ( Insurance companies crunch these numbers and determine the level of risk that you represent......and that determines your rate. But, should the unfortunate happen, it also could CYA. Don't short yourself thinking 'not gonna happen to me'. Be honest and get covered.